Canada Place


Tourists from all around the world descended on Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Eager to learn about an unfamiliar country and immerse themselves in Canadian culture, it was a no-brainer to capitalize on their curiosity. To do this, we created an unofficial ‘Guide to Becoming an Authentic Canadian’ handbook that was only available at Canada Place. It was the only guide during the Games that focused on what makes Canadians so unique. An insiders guide to the Canadian personality and nuances of our culture, language and customs.

Interactive kiosks were setup within Canada Place to further engage its guests. We created the kiosks based upon the idea of a virtual guestbook that visitors could sign. Supported by print advertising, the local, national, and international press took off with the story as we received high publicity value for the booklet. Our clients refer to the campaign as “the best thing they have ever done.”